A BEER festival in Cam is proving to be a highlight in people’s calendars as more visitors than ever attended at the weekend.

Despite the rain, over 600 people are thought to have gone to the third Cam Beer Fest on Saturday, August 3, which was held at Cam Sports Club in Everlands.

The festival, which boasted 26 different beers as well as a variety of wine, cider and lager, was accompanied by local band Retro as well as a barbecue supplied by the Cam Ladies Cricket Club.

The other band expected to play, Staple Hill, had to pull out after the lead singer contracted food poisoning.

Festival committee member and treasurer for the sports club, James Darby, said he was pleased with the number of people who attended.

"The majority walked there, I only saw about 20 cars in the car park, there was no trouble and everyone enjoyed themselves," he said.

"I think we had over 600 people so that was really good. Last year we had around 500, similar to the year before so we are really pleased with the increase this year.

"I think the current thoughts are that we will keep it at a maximum of 750, we don’t want it to get any bigger. If it gets too big it loses its personal touch.

Mr Darby said he would like to thank the other committee members for their help and Tom Sainty, who sourced and selected the beers.

For more pictures, see this week's Gazette.