AN intimate picture of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge flicking through the pages of their favourite magazines under the watchful eye of Peter Capaldi, aka Doctor Who, has been all the talk in Olveston.

Painter Angus Macaskill has again picked up his brushes, allowing himself some creative licence, to capture the spirit of the summer's top news stories while entertaining his neighbours and growing crowd of supporters.

After a series of snapshots of Wimbledon, the Ashes and the birth of Prince George, the artist turned his focus to equally exciting news for hundreds of thousands of sci-fi fans across the country: the announcement of the new actor to impersonate the legendary doctor on our TV screens.

A dalek and tardis complete the Doctor Who-themed tableaux.

And his efforts have paid off as some villagers have come to rely on him for their daily snippet of national news.

"Somebody driving past when I was drawing the new doctor said 'We only come way this to get an update on the news'," said Mr Macaskill, who began painting the scenes on wooden boards hooked to his house gates a year ago.

He added: "The theme was inspired by a cartoon I saw of a dalek at a doctor's surgery with the receptionist saying 'You are going to have to register with a new doctor'."