A SURPRISE was served up to dinner lady Lyn Young to mark her 25 years at Severn Beach Primary School.

Lyn joined the school when she was asked to do just a fortnight's work.

She said: "But I'm still here after all those years. The time has just flown by and I've loved every minute. Now I hope to carry on and stay for as long as I can."

The anniversary coincided with Lyn's 60th birthday so there was a double celebration for the mother of three and grandmother of two.

As she was supervising lunch in the hall, oblivious to what had been planned for her, the children and staff revealed there would be a presentation, giving Lyn flowers, cards and chocolates.

She said: "They had kept it all hush hush. Even the children didn't say anything, including my own grandchildren."

Lyn, who lives in Severn Beach, began working at the school in 1988 when two of her own children - Karen, now 36, and Paul, now 32 - were pupils there. She has another son, Mark, 38, who had also been a Severn Beach pupil.

When she first arrived, Lyn was recruited to fill in as a dinner lady for two weeks but never left as she was asked to do a variety of other jobs, including being a classroom assistant.

Her role now, as well as supervising the pupils at lunch time, also involves running the school's breakfast club for 45 minutes each morning.

Lyn said: "I run the club with a colleague then go home before returning at lunchtime.

"I've seen a lot of pupils go through the school and then, as they've had families of their own, send their children here.

"My own nine-year-old grandson Tyler, is now a pupil here, as well as my granddaughter, Courtney, who is seven."

After the surprise gifts, Lyn was then treated to a weekend break away by her family to celebrate her birthday.