CROWDS lined Chipping Sodbury’s medieval High Street for the Beaufort Hunt’s traditional Christmas meet.

Around 80 members of the hunt trotted into the town on Wednesday (December 11) for the annual meet.

Shoppers and workers poured out on to the High Street to welcome riders and the horses and hounds whilst refreshments were served.

Hunt spokesman Jo Aldridge said: “The traditional Christmas meet of the Beaufort hounds in the centre of Chipping Sodbury is an event we greatly look forward to each year. Somehow it seems to start Christmas off for us too.

“About 80 mounted followers, hunt staff and hounds had a warm welcome from the large crowd of supporters, townsfolk and shoppers gathered outside Beaufort Montague Harris who generously plied sausage rolls and a drop of port to all there.”

She added: “The hounds seem to enjoy all the attention as well and being friendly themselves, just love being made of fuss of.”