A SERGEANT who threatened to make an amateur photographer's life a "living hell" has had the complaint against him upheld following a misconduct hearing.

A Gloucestershire police spokesman said: "A written warning has been given to the officer and we apologise unreservedly to the member of the public for the way they were treated.

"All officers sign an oath to serve the public with respect to all people and while we believe our staff uphold this in the vast majority of incidents clearly in this case the standard of behaviour fell short of what is expected."

The officer was removed from frontline duties at the start of the internal investigation and will now be subject to a personal development plan to ensure this doesn't happen again.

The bystander was taking pictures of the aftermath of a road crash involving an elderly woman who had been removed from the scene when he was confronted.

Sergeant Tony Wallace was recorded telling him: "We’ll nick you now and I will make your day a living hell, cause you'll be in that cell all day.

"What I'll probably do is I will ask for you to be remanded in custody and I will put you before the magistrate.... and they'll be like, what a tit you've been."

The Scottish officer can also be earlier heard telling the 26 year-old: "You're lucky that I didn't knock you out. I swore at you, yeah. It got your attention, though, didn't it?"

He also accuses the man of 'taking the piss' and says he was acting 'out of order' and obstructing him in his duty.

The officer seized the man's camera and orders him to delete the images on it and stands over him as he scrolls through them before agreeing he can keep them all.
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