A BALLOON released at a Yate Easter event has been discovered on a remote Irish beach.

The helium balloon travelled the 380-mile route across the St George’s Channel in six days.

It was found on a beach in County Wicklow, south of Dublin, on Sunday, April 27 after being released on Bank Holiday Easter Monday, April 21 at Yate Town Council’s annual Easter egg hunt in Kingsgate Park.

A Yate Town Council spokeswoman said: “The curious Irish gentleman, who found the balloon on his Sunday walk, contacted the Yate Town Council office wishing to know when and where the balloon left Yate and was very impressed with the superior quality of the balloon which was still inflated to 10cms.

The white balloon left Yate in brilliant sunshine and arrived on the remote beach in similar weather.

“As one of our members commented, it must have been an Easterly wind.”

The balloon was bearing a Yate Town Council logo and made the journey in tact complete with a metre of silver ribbon attached.

The Easter event, which saw hundreds of children take part in an egg hunt and compete in a bonnet parade, did not include a balloon release but the council did give away helium balloons for free.