A TRAIN station that has suffered for years with parking problems is set to receive new spaces.

Labour councillors and many regular commuters have welcomed news that new parking spaces are to be created at Cam & Dursley station.

The 17 new spaces will be installed at the station following more than five years of complaints about inadequate parking.

Since its completion 20 years ago, Cam and Dursley station has proved consistently successful. The number of rail passengers a year tripled from 50,534 in 2002 to 153,102 in 2011.

Many local people that make use of the station, however, are often forced to leave their cars outside of nearby houses or in unsafe areas, despite it having about 100 spaces.

Gail Crumpton, 70, of Coaley, uses Cam and Dursley station frequently.

She said: “There’s never any room here for cars, and there’s always a lot of problems.

“People are always parking on the bend going into the car park and you can’t see them so it’s really dangerous.

“I don’t think the new spaces will make a change. You just know it’s going to be a waste of time like the last ones they put in.”

Another user of the station did not wish to be named, but shared similar views.

He said: “I use this station a lot and there’s rarely any parking spaces, often forcing people to use the pavement or park on the road.

“There’s also about eight disabled spaces which are usually completely empty.

“It really does need more spaces, but people are concerned it will reach a stage where you have to pay to stay in the car park.”

Now, following pressure from Labour councillors, Stroud District Council have made negotiations with Gloucestershire County Council to have 17 new spaces into the car park.

Steve Lydon is a Gloucestershire county councillor for Dursley.

He said: “It’s good to get 17 more parking spaces, however we need also to look at the more long term parking needs, as the number of people using the station continues to grow.

“We also need to make sure that the local buses and trains actually work together, giving confidence to people using the train that they won’t either miss a train or be stranded at the station ".

Dursley district councillor and leader of Stroud District Council Geoff Wheeler is happy to hear about the new spaces, but foresees the need for further work in the future.

He said: “It’s good news in the short term, but with the prospect of a further 900 houses to be built in the Cam and Dursley area there needs to be plans for better access to the station through public transport and cycle ways when it comes to the planning stage for developments”

Back in 2008 complaints by passengers led to a meeting between train operator First Great Western and Gloucestershire County Council, owners of the car park.

Work on the new spaces is hoped to be underway at the beginning of October and completed within the month.

To have your say on the parking at Dursley and Cam train station and whether or not you think the new spaces will help visit www.gazetteseries.co.uk.