A YOUNG man from Breadstone who was left paralysed in an accident last year is rebuilding his life by going to university.

Rob Camm, 20, of Breadstone, was a passenger in a car that crashed on the road in September, 2013, a week before he was due to begin studies at York University.

Now, only a year from the accident, he has started a course in philosophy and politics at Bristol University.

Following a long recovery, Mr Camm made the decision to apply to university in January this year.

Due to study politics, philosophy and economics at York University in 2013, he and his parents decided on a similar course in Bristol University this year due to its proximity to home.

He said: “I decided to go to university earlier this year. I spoke to my parents about it and really didn’t see any reason why not.

“It wasn’t a case of doing it with or without the condition. It was just what I wanted to do.”

Mr Camm and his parents liaised with the senior disability officer at the university in the months leading up to the start of his course to ensure support is offered where required.

Mr Camm said that his recovery and speedy return to education is due to the backing of family and friends.

He said that more than anything it was the persistence of his parents that saw him get into a spinal unit and through the hospital system faster than most.

“The reason that I’ve been able to get back to uni so quickly is the support from my parents and everybody who has helped raising money,” he said.

“Most people wouldn’t even be out of hospital by now and I have my mum and dad to thank for that.”

Despite his restrictive disability, Mr Camm retains a positive attitude and a drive to keep moving forward.

He said: “I think one of the hardest things for me is finding new ways to relax. I used to enjoy playing a lot of different sports and guitar, but now I need to look for things to replace that.

“But I know I’ve got to keep myself busy and not stay sitting about. I’m just not that kind of person.”

Mr Camm said that while at hospital he was helped by several charities. Though still undecided on a future career, he is considering getting involved with a similar group in the future and using his first-hand experience to help others in the same situation.

Mr Camm's dad, Ian, describes his son as an inspiration.

He said: "Rob is very brave and inspirational. There are peaks and troughs and you just have to hope that there are more peaks.

"He's helped himself really. It's hugely challenging but he realises he has to look forward and going to university is something he has always wanted to do."

Molly Zoglowek, 20, of Cam, was driving the car at the time of the accident that caused Mr Camm's injuries. She was sent to prison for two years following the tragic smash

A silent auction is to be held at The Showcase, Cheltenham Racecourse, on Saturday, October 18, to support Mr Camm. Ian Camm has worked as the vet for the course for more than 20 years.

A wide range of items have been donated from various organisations and individuals.

All bids must be entered before 6pm on the day. For more information or to bid on an item visit www.cammpaign4rob.co.uk.