THE former Windbound pub on the banks of the River Severn is set to be demolished by the company aiming to build a new nuclear power station near Thornbury.

Horizon Nuclear Power bought the old inn at Shepperdine earlier this year.

It had closed as a pub in 2004 and later became a care home for people with learning difficulties.

But that use came to an end and the building was put on the market.

Horizon, which wants to build an Oldbury B station on land next to the existing power plant – now undergoing decommissioning – said the Windbound was on land that it owned and which was earmarked for the new reactors.

It said the building was in a poor condition and demolition was “the most sensible option”.

But it assured people that public rights of way in the area would not be affected.

A public road leads to the river bank, along which the Severn Way footpath runs, and anyone driving there can park up in order to walk to the river.

There had been concerns that Horizon’s acquisition of the Windbound would mean walkers would no longer have access at that point.

Horizon’s senior site manager, Alan Smith, said having bought the old pub, steps had been taken to ensure the building was safe while the company decided what to do with it.

He said: “Our assessments have shown that the building is in a poor state of repair and that demolition is now the most sensible option.

“We are liaising with South Gloucestershire Council about this and will seek to minimise disruption while any demolition work is carried out.

“The public rights of way will not be affected. Once the building is dismantled, we will enhance the public parking available at this popular walking spot.

“In the meantime, the building has been secured to prevent people gaining access as it poses a health and safety risk.”