A ULEY resident successfully raised enough money for her village to have 24-hour access to a defibrillator.

After discovering the benefits of defibrillators, Kim Harvey campaigned to have two installed in her village.

Ms Harvey, a Red Cross trainer for ‘Everyday First Aid’ in her spare time, approached residents and management of local businesses to raise funds for the life-saving equipment.

It was statistics about resuscitation that first inspired Ms Harvey to aim for a defibrillator.

She said: "I was surprised to learn that a defibrillator can increase the chances of survival to 60 per cent whereas chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth alone only accounts for a five per cent survival rate.

"Clearly it is important for an ambulance to be called before using a defibrillator and administering CPR but it really can make a difference."

Ms Harvey also thought that Uley's rural location enhanced its need for defibrillators.

She continued: "When you live in a rural village it is unlikely that an ambulance could always reach you in the suggested seven minutes required to save a life. Therefore, I felt inspired to ask our parish council to fund a defibrillator for the village.

"I was informed that there was no money available to help so I decided to write to the villagers of Uley to raise the £4,000 required to procure two defibrillators and cabinets."

Ms Harvey would like to thank the Women's Institute, Stroud District Council and Renishaw, as well as Chas Wright of Uley Brewery, Uley Cricket Club, Uley Football Club and Uley Playing Fields Committee for their kind donations.

Praise was also given to Uley Society treasurer Rod White, who offered help with the fundraising.

The second defibrillator and cabinet will be placed at the sports pavilion by the end of December.

Villagers were invited to attend a Training session on Friday, December 5, to learn how to administer CPR and use the defibrillator.

Training was provided by Community Heartbeat, the charity Ms Harvey has been working with to attain the defibrillators and cabinets for the village.