A GROUP against badger shooting is calling upon Gloucestershire’s Police and Crime Commissioner to ensure those responsible for harassing Wounded Badger Patrollers during last year’s cull are brought to justice.

This message to the PCC comes after Gloucestershire Police released statistics about incidents dealt with during the cull on Thursday, January 15.

The Police figures confirm that patrollers were subject to a series of incidents during the cull and that there were recorded incidents of badger sets being illegally interfered with.

In response, Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting have urged PCC Martin Surl to deal with incidents of intimidation, harassment and damage to property carried out on the patrollers.

Jeanne Berry of Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting said: “We are calling upon the PCC to ensure that the remaining 12 outstanding instances of harassment and intimidation committed against those opposing the cull are brought to a conclusion as it is not clear from the figures produced by the police that this is the case.

“Whilst the police have for some reason been listing the number of people wearing hoods or seen sitting in cars they have still to bring those to justice who have slashed patrollers’ car tyres and attempted to run patrollers off the road.

“It really is disappointing that the police should issue this rather meaningless set of data when members of our local law abiding Wounded Badger Patrollers are still waiting for justice. Overall, we still have over 40 formal recorded incidents with the police which they are aware of but which remain outstanding.”

To view the figures visit gloucestershire.police.uk.