INTERPRETER Hadleigh Roberts has been selected to fight the General Election in Thornbury and Yate for the Labour Party .

Mr Roberts previously stood as a Labour candidate for the South West region in the European parliamentary elections.

Now he has been unanimously chosen by local party members as their prospective parliamentary candidate for the General Election in May.

Mr Roberts is a qualified interpreter and translator of French and Spanish, having obtained a master’s degree from Bath University before working in the private sector.

After his selection he said: "The stakes are high in this election and Britain needs a Labour government.

“The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats are running a three-legged race together. They both have to take responsibility for the Government’s poor record.

“Labour’s achievements, from the NHS to the minimum wage, are now part of the fabric of the nation. Nothing this Conservative/Liberal Democrat Government has done comes close.

“Labour offers a new direction for Britain. On living standards, the health service, climate change, transport, there is obviously no time to lose."