BRITAIN and British businesses are better off remaining in the EU, according to Airbus UK president Paul Kahn while visiting the Filton facility.

Mr Kahn was in Filton to show Will Straw, executive director of the “Britain Stronger in Europe” campaign, around the Airbus centre, which currently employs 4,000 people.

“We are pleased to welcome Will Straw and the "Stronger in" campaign to our Filton site,” said Mr Kahn.

“The success of Airbus Group’s operations in the UK, which depend on European industrial organisation and integration, are a clear demonstration of the economic benefit the UK receives from EU membership.

"If the UK exits the EU, there are likely to be significant changes to the regulatory and economic environment with subsequent impacts on our competitiveness.

“Though Airbus Group remains fully committed to its operations in the UK and to its employees here, we certainly hope the UK will choose to retain its EU membership which will help to ensure the continued long-term success of Airbus Group’s European industrial model.”

He made his comments during Britain Stronger in Europe's regional jobs tour, which aims to highlight the jobs supported and created around the country by Britain being in Europe. 

Mr Straw said: "As Mr Kahn's comments demonstrate, our economy is stronger and people are better off in Europe than we would be out on our own.

“Over 360,000 jobs in the South West are linked to our exports with Europe, and great companies like Airbus need the UK to be in the EU so they can be as competitive as possible.

“[Anti-EU] campaigners have no idea what the terms of our trade with Europe would be if we left. The South West is stronger, safer and better off in Europe, and leaving would be a leap into the dark."