A MAP showing Thornbury and Charfield as potential updates to railways connecting to Bristol has been released by a campaign group attempting to combat road congestion.

The Friends of Suburban Bristol Railways, who campaigns for improvements to local rail, have appealed to the public for suggestions on where new stations and services are most wanted with the two locations having been mentioned.

The map has been produced as part of a submission to the West of England Partnership, who are consulting on the next generation of housing development and are carrying out a joint transport study to determine the best way to provide transport needs of the region.

The submission by FOSBR will also include any feedback from residents on which stations they would like to see opened or reopened, and the group have given a selection of suggestions online for the public to vote on.

Both Thornbury and Charfield have previously had passenger rail services, which closed in 1944 and 1965 respectively.

FOSBR spokeswoman Christina Biggs said: “South Gloucestershire Council are certainly keen to see stations like Charfield opened, and we have been contacted by people in Thornbury, saying a large contingent of people would like a rail service but are forced to use Severn Beach rail station.

“Reopening stations is indeed blue sky, but one thing we could campaign for in the immediate future are enhancements to existing services.

“Pilning is a good option to vote for as the station is already open, though with the minimum parliamentary service, and it’s just a question of getting the train operator to put on a regular service.

“The important thing is for the public to make their voice heard and to vote in so we can focus on the essential stations and be assured, and have evidence, that people will use the reopened stations.  That is why it’s important to write in to the WEP consultation.”

The deadline for submissions to the WEP is the end of January.

To cast your vote to Friends of Suburban Bristol Railways, fill in the details listed below and email general@fosbr.org.uk or visit https://www.facebook.com/FOSBR/ or to respond directly to the WEP consultation, email comment@jointplanningwofe.org.uk.