A YOUNG Cam motorist accused of deliberately driving into a cyclist on the main road through Stinchcombe was cleared by a jury today.

Jurors at Gloucester Crown Court took less than an hour to find Daniel Mansell, 22, not guilty of dangerous driving and of attempting to cause grievous bodily harm to cyclist Stephen Barnes.

Mr Mansell, of Woodview Road, Cam was formally discharged by Judge Michael Harington at the end of the two-day trial.

The court had heard that Mr Barnes was at the rear of a group of seven to eight cyclists riding through Stinchcombe on November 16, 2014 when he was clipped by the door mirror of Mr Mansell's car.

The prosecution alleged that when Mr Barnes rode up to remonstrate with him Mr Mansell reversed his VW Polo then drove straight at him, forcing him to leap onto the bonnet. He was then allegedly thrown to the ground when Mr Mansell braked hard.

An independent eye witness, Edward Raffle, who was driving through the village at the time, told the jury when 'a VW Polo came towards me in the middle of the road with a cyclist riding on his inside.'

Mr Raffle said "It looked as if the cyclist was hammering with his hand on the rear quarter of the Polo.

"I then witnessed the Polo drive at the cyclist while he was dismounting.  He had reversed quite aggressively first and then drove at the cyclist. The cyclist had to put both hands on the bonnet of the car.

"After the Polo drove off I went to see if the cyclist was OK. He was visibly shaking. I couldn't see any injuries on him. But he was very shaken up.

"One of the other riders was dealing with his bike. I gave him my name and phone number at the scene and offered to give evidence if needed."

The jury heard that when Mr Mansell was interviewed by police a month after the incident he said he had not clipped a cyclist with his side mirror and maintained that the rider then banged on his car, frightening him.

"His account is that Mr Barnes did that for no good reason," said prosecutor Philip Warren. "He claimed that all he did was reverse around the cyclist and then drive off.  He denied having driven at him.

"Asked if Mr Barnes had jumped onto the bonnet he initially said 'No Comment' and then said 'I honestly don't remember.' He denied driving at Mr Barnes or the bike. "

In evidence Mr Mansell confirmed he had been 'harassed' by the cyclists and he said he was simply trying to get away to avoid trouble. He denied that his driving was dangerous or that he had any intent to harm Mr Barnes.