THE Severn ward was part of a radical overhaul of the west of the Stroud district.

With the ward losing the Slimbridge parish, current councillor Haydn Jones will be standing in the Berkeley Vale ward, paving the way for a new member.

The ward now includes Eastington and Whitminster with but Conservative candidates Stephen Davies and John Jones will hope that the ward remains as a fairly safe bet for the party.

Their competition comes in the form of Liberal Democrat John Howe, the Green Party’s Robin Lewis and Thomas Lydon of Labour.

Gazette Series:

Stephen Davies - Conservative

I moved to Saul 5 years ago and work at home for a cyber security company.

I am standing because I  passionately believes in the importance of local politics and the need for strong representation.

An example of how this has never been more relevant is Eastington which faces not only the usual issues of local services but the challenges of significant development in the area.

As the current councillor I have been very involved in the detailed plans for “West of Stonehouse” and how we achieve the best development possible.

I have  also challenged the locally unpopular Ecotricity proposal, which is not in the recently approved Stroud Local Plan and raises serious concerns about the increased traffic on the A419 and Junction 13.

I am committed to work hard for all of the Severn Ward and am already familiar as a resident with the local issues including plans to automate the canal bridges.

As a district councillor I believe is it important to ensure value for taxpayers money from the district douncil.

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John Howe - Liberal Democrats

  • Improving road safety along the B4071 Perryway where we have just had another cyclist fatality. 
  • I'm now partially disabled so I know how important it is that all the  organisations that provide help - the county and district councils, the NHS and voluntary organisations -  work together.

Now that the Local Plan for the Stroud District is agreed we must make sure that the new developments are sustainable with a good mix of affordable housing.

We also need some small-scale development of affordable housing  in our villages so our young people who want to stay can afford to do so.

Gazette Series:

John Jones - Conservative

I was first elected to represent the Severn Ward of Stroud District Council in 2002.

I know the ward very well, having been born at Cambridge, and lived in Whitminster since 1963, as well as working with constituents for 14 years. 

I help run the village hall in Whitminster with my wife which helps the local community grow and develop.

I am pleased that Eastington is a new addition to the enlarged Severn Ward, as I  have many connections with the village, through my agricultural and village background. 

I have worked closely with Stephen Davies particularly on planning matters for which I have a huge interest.

Not making promises I won’t be able to keep, I will use my extensive district council knowledge in all ward matters, and bring common sense to all issues that need resolving in the forthcoming four years.

Gazette Series:

Robin Lewis - Green Party

I have lived locally for 15 years and have always been impressed by the community spirit of the area.

As a keen cyclist and walker I value the local countryside.

During this time, I have become more and more committed to Green policies as I observe the undeniable evidence of man-made climate change within the locality.

Examples include the flooding of fields and roads around Berkeley as well as ill-thought out proposals for house-building.

If we are to protect local people and the things they value, I believe it is time for a change towards Green policies.

If elected, I will work hard to implement these policies and to represent the views and wishes of local people.

Gazette Series:

Thomas Lydon - Labour

His number one priority for Eastington, Frampton, Whitminster and Arlingham is to improve the atrocious state of our roads – he’d hold the county council and its contractor to account over their complete failure to deal with potholes.

He’d also work to ensure that the “West of Stonehouse” developers deliver on their commitments for building affordable housing, a school and GP surgery.