LIBERAL Democrats in Thornbury and Yate have named their candidate for the next Parliamentary election.

Councillor Clare Young, who currently serves as deputy leader for the party in South Gloucestershire Council, and has represented the Westerleigh ward since 2007, was elected by members to replace Steve Webb, who announced last week that he would not be continuing in the role.

Cllr Young said: "Steve has been a rock for our community and brought improvements in the lives of so many people locally and nationally.

“I am humbled by the confidence people have placed in me. Over the years I have met so many lovely people working together for our community I am really looking forward to my changed role in that work.

“There is a lot to be done, giving people control over their lives, helping those who are struggling to keep their heads above water, finding new ways to avoid the effects of the terrible cuts Tories have been imposing on our community."

She added that the party is going from strength to strength with a massive influx of members, many of them young people, and is the largest it has been for more than a decade

Supporting Cllr Young’s appointment to the role, Steve Webb said: "I have known and worked closely with Claire for many years and she has been at the centre of all we have been doing with local people.

“I am delighted to be passing on the baton, to someone who is as energetic and committed to the community as Claire.

“I will be giving her my full support in the urgent work to be done to help our country and community."

Cllr Young has already launched her first major campaign, asking people to “Tell Claire” what they most want done to help them.

She said: “It may be a local problem, it may be a service that needs improving, or it may be getting some aspect of the state off people's backs.

“People want control over their own lives, but with access to support when they need it.”