A JOB testing the temperature of frozen peas has seen a Yate woman make a list of the world's most boring occupations.

The BBC's 'Some of the world's most boring jobs' list saw readers describe work that left them feeling like zombies.

Jane from Yate made the cut. She said: "I tested the temperature of frozen peas for a whole summer. I used to dream about endless rivers of little green balls."

Others on the list:

  • "My sister had a summer job on a farm in France throwing small amounts of earth on to trays of organic potatoes destined for the supermarket - presumably in order to make them look more 'organic'." - Chris Cooke, Suffolk
  • "After I left school I got a summer job patrolling a stretch of canal in Burnley to stop people falling in. Problem was, the canal was drained, with hardly an inch of water in it. Following that, I worked in a factory tearing off strips of Sellotape from the tops of flattened cardboard boxes." - Simon Mitchell, Sheffield
  • "I once had a temp job which consisted of taking staples out of pieces of paper. I lasted only one morning." - Mari, Kent

See the full list at bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-36902572