THE CONDITION of Thornbury student Lewis Evans worse than originally thought after tests at hospital on Greek mainland show previously unseen damage to his spine and spleen.

The 18-year-old from Thornbury was critically injured after a quad bike crash on the Greek island of Zante, with a ruptured spleen, holes in each lungs, a severely damaged shoulder and broken ribs.

Lewis was deemed critical despite successful surgery to his spleen and required an emergency medical flight to the Greek mainland, which took place last night.

Following a range of tests at the new hospital, it has been revealed that he in fact has two large holes in his left lung and a smaller hole in his right, which has collapsed and requires draining as it continues to fill with blood and air.

Tests have also shown that there is still untreated damage to the spleen and a fracture to one of the vertebrae in his spine.

Speaking to the Gazette, Lewis' mother Heidi said that he "continues to fight hard."

Back in Thornbury, Sue Turl, Lewis’ great aunt, said: “His parents are extremely distressed and traumatised, but are with him at his bedside. Heidi and Martin are in constant touch with family here.

"The new hospital is excellent and appears to have all the equipment that treatment for Lewis’ horrific injuries require.”

As Lewis’ travel insurer has said it will not be covering the damage, due to his partaking in an “extreme sport”, his family have begun fundraising to pay for his mounting travel and medical fees.

Having raised over £21,000, almost three quarters of their £30,000 target, they are pleading with the public to contribute.

In an incredible act of community spirit, Thornbury has responded with a plethora of fundraisers across the town, which are continuing to increase at a dramatic rate.

The latest events include a three-legged football match between the two football clubs Lewis has played for, Thornbury and Almonsdsbury, a concert on Friday, October 14 at the Black Horse Pub, and an afternoon of tea and scones at Thornbury Castle on Sunday, October 1.

To contribute to the fundraising, either visit one of the many events or donate at