RESIDENTS in Yate are up in arms over proposals for a third mobile phone mast on a road being dubbed 'Phone Mast Alley'.

Phone company Three has applied to put up a 12.5 metre high mast on Rodford Way as part of a controversial 'site sharing scheme'.

It already includes an 02 mast and another proposed mast by Three, which has been referred to a planning inquiry after it was refused.

The company says it would rather use a site sharing scheme for two or more operators on the same site than share a much 'taller and bulkier' phone mast.

It says the scheme would minimise the overall height of mast proposals and confine the impact to just one site.

But residents living metres away from the proposed sites have accused the company of showing a 'complete lack of regard' for the community.

Iain Garett, of Harescombe, said: "This latest application is just more misery for people living in the area.

"There are many young families along Rodford Way and up to Scott Way who have clearly told Three they do not want to be exposed to the potential dangers of up to three masts, yet they still want more.

"It just shows a lack of respect for people who they expect to suffer just so someone can watch TV on their mobile."

Amanda Morgan, of Blaisdon, said: "I can't believe that in just one year we are looking at having no phone masts to three in a residential area.

"Why on earth can they not share a phone mast or even site them miles out of harm's way from any families."

Yate Town Council and Dodington Parish Council have both objected to the latest phone mast application.

In a joint statement, councillors said the number of masts may be acceptable or even desirable in an industrial setting, but not a residential area.

Dodington parish Cllr Mandy Sainsbury said: "What more do phone companies expect of people living in this area?

"Not only are the masts ugly but we are also concerned about the effect of a cluster of these on our health.

"I don't understand why Three wants to put up another mast when I have a full reception on their network."

The application is due to be decided at a meeting of South Gloucestershire Council's development control committee, at a date yet to be fixed.

A spokesman for Hutchison 3G, parent company of Three, said there was a need for coverage in the area.

He said: "Sharing a mast with another company can mean building a more bulky and higher mast, which would have a worse visual impact than two masts.

"We have no plans to build masts at both the Scott Way site and Rodford Way site. We submitted the Rodford Way proposal to give us a better chance of one going through.

"Hopefully the one in Rodford Way will be seen as a reasonable solution to the need for coverage in the area."