Plans for a 350-home development in Thornbury have been blocked.

The Cleve Park Development would have included 14 self-build plots and a 70-bed care home on the 55-acre site adjacent to Grovesend Road and Morton Way.

Also included were plans for community and commercial facilities and open space facilities including allotments.

Plans were submitted in June last year by developers Wellbeck Land and Landform Estates following a long consultation process including public events in February and April.

The development had mixed reactions across the town, which including Cleve Park, has around 1,900 approved and prospective new homes on the horizon, as well as the proposed 3,000-home Buckover Garden Village.

But in today’s meeting of South Gloucestershire Council’s development control (west) committee, councillors chose to speak out against recommendations from planning officers to accept the proposals.

It took three hours to finally reach the decision, with councillors hearing arguments in support of the plans from Landform director Erik Pagano, Rob Burford from the National Self Build Association and Thornbury resident Charles Eardley-Wilmott.

That was followed by the argument against the development from Thornbury action group TRAPP’D co-chairman Colin Gardner and Leslie Forrest from South Gloucestershire Campaign to Protect Rural England.

Thornbury and South Gloucestershire councillor Maggie Tyrrell also spoke against the development, suggesting that if the council continued to accept applications in the town, its commitments to the the 20-year timeframe to meet targets in the under-consultation West of England Joint Spatial Plan (JSP) would be complete long before transport plans and infrastructure could catch up.

Committee members then debated on issues including the effects on transport, parking, drainage, community levy payments, and even on recent housing decision precedent revelations

Opposing the recommendations put forward by officers, councillors were critical over the viability of surveys done on parking in the town and commuting.

During the debate, Cllr Pat Hockey made reference to Thornbury as South Gloucestershire’s “jewel in the crown”, adding that it was not being planned comprehensively and was against the council’s Core Strategy vision for the town.

It was eventually proposed by Cllr Dave Hockey to reject the proposals - a motion was that was seconded by Thornbury and South Gloucestershire councillor Clare Fardell, and after being taken to a vote, was passed.

Six of the 13 committee members voted in favour, with one against and six abstentions.

Cllr Fardell told the Gazette: “If I was a betting person, I wouldn’t have wanted to bet on the outcome, but you need to fight for what you believe in, and I am glad we did today.”

TRAPP’D co-chairman Roger Hall said: “We are over the moon, absolutely delighted with today’s decision - it is a real victory for common sense.”

Mr Gardner added that he felt the councillors led a first class discussion, but warned people not to be complacent as there could yet be an appeal.

However he also said: “It would be nice if this decision leads to South Gloucestershire Council considering a full-scale perspective on the future development of Thornbury.”

Cllr Tyrrell joined in the celebrations by saying she was “absolutely delighted” that the committee chose to reject the proposals.

She added: “We suspect this won’t be the end of the matter, but we will continue to amass our argument to protect our community.”

When approached by the Gazette following the decision, Mr Pagano suggested it was “too premature” to say whether an appeal would be made, but that it would be considered.