A FARM near Earthcott Green has unveiled a novel way to purchase milk whilst also raising money for charity.

Gemma and Mike King, of Old Green Farm Dairy, have installed a special vending machine at their farm that allows the public to purchase unpasteurised raw milk from their cows.

The husband and wife team revealed the machine at a grand opening on Saturday, April 8, and raised over £150 for a diabetes charity in the process.

Gemma said: “The open day was a massive success and we managed to shift about 100 litres of milk.

“We also raised a fabulous £160 for a children's diabetes charity, which we chose as my niece was diagnosed with the condition very young."

Visitors to the farm were treated to glasses of raw milk, tried their hand at making butter and got to meet some of the farm’s free range cows.

A cake sale on the day raised funds for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), who support children and young adults who have Type 1 diabetes. 

The farmers have since spoken out about the benefits of drinking fresh, unpasteurised milk from free range cows.

Gemma said: “Because it has not been treated, raw milk contains more vitamins than the sort you buy in the supermarket.

“It contains vitamins that often get lost in pasteurisation, and has more calcium, vitamin B12 and vitamin A.”

She added: “Our milk has been through rigorous testing to ensure that it is safe to drink, however we advise pregnant women and people who are immune deficient to avoid it, as it has slightly more risk than milk that has been treated.

“It is also essential that people keep unpasteurised milk in their fridge and don’t leave it out on the side.”

Members of the public can visit the farm on any day of the week between 7am and 10pm to purchase fresh milk from the vending machine, which is located near the farm gate.