MEMBERS of Stroud district Labour have welcomed their party’s Brexit strategy.

Their six-point plan was announced recently by shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer as members hit the campaign trails for both the county council and general elections on May 4 and June 8.

The Labour party claims only a Brexit deal that serves the interests of the 99 per cent rather than the one per cent is acceptable.

Chairman of the Stroud Labour party and MP from 1997-2010 David Drew, said: “I voted remain last year, but I respect the vote.

“However, Labour has made its position very clear in the past week.

“We want what is best for the country and if that means a bad deal or no deal we wouldn’t back it.”

Mr Starmer’s plan includes ensuring a strong partnership with the EU, preserving the benefits of the single market and customs union, fair management of migration, the protection of rights and of national security and a deal that works for all regions of the UK.

Stroud district councillor for Dursley Doina Cornell led the Labour campaign to remain last year, she said: “I fought hard last year to keep us in the EU, and I’m proud that we voted to remain.

“Brexit was a tough result for me personally and I see how it has cut across families, communities and political parties.

“I am so pleased that our party has come up with a strategy that is based on our core Labour values.

“Labour is the only party that can help unite the country again.”

Both Cllr Doina Cornell and David Drew have been tipped to become the Labour's candidate for Stroud MP, a decision being made the National Executive Committee and not by party members - a decision is expected in the next few days.