PLANS for South Gloucestershire Council to revert back to a cabinet model have been put into action as of last night’s AGM.

The council, which previously ran under a cabinet style until 2012, has operated under a committee system after it was voted in by Labour and Liberal Democrats.

But following a vote in a full council meeting on March 22, the council opted in favour of its previous model.

Under the new arrangements, the leader and executive members will take decisions either collectively as a Cabinet or individually as executive portfolio holders.

Cllr Matthew Riddle, the leader of the Conservative-led council has retained his position, also taking on the role of cabinet member for the local economy and devolution.

Cllr Toby Savage has been appointed deputy leader.

The executive portfolios were assigned as follows: 

  • Adult Care: Cllr Ben Stokes
  • Children and Young People: Cllr Jon Hunt
  • Schools, Skills and Employment: Cllr Toby Savage
  • Planning, Transportation and the Strategic Environment (PTSE): Cllr Colin Hunt
  • Communities and Tourism: Cllr Heather Goddard
  • Housing Delivery and Public Health: Cllr Erica Williams
  • Corporate Resources: Cllr John Goddard

Decisions will be open to scrutiny by all of the non-executive members of the council through a Scrutiny Commission, with the chairmen of scrutiny and non-executive committees also appointed:

  • Chairman of Health Scrutiny Committee: Cllr Marian Lewis
  • Co-Chairman of Scrutiny Commission: Cllr Ian Boulton
  • Co-Chairman of Scrutiny Commission: Cllr Claire Young
  • Chairman of Audit and Accounts Committee: Cllr Nick Barrett
  • Chairman of Development Control East: Cllr June Bamford
  • Chairman of Development Control West: Cllr Trevor Jones
  • Chairman of Regulatory Committee: Cllr Keith Cranney