AHEAD of polling day tomorrow (June 8) we asked the five Stroud MP candidates for five reasons why you should vote for them.

For further coverage of each candidate pick up this week’s copy of the Stroud News & Journal or Gloucestershire Gazette, or either paper’s website.

We will be running a liveblog on each site throughout tomorrow and through the night with updates and analysis.

For full coverage of the Cotswolds constituency - relevant for voters in Minchinhampton, Wotton-under-Edge and Kingswood visit the Wilts & Glos Standard website or pick up their paper tomorrow (Thursday, June 8).

Here are each of the candidates five reasons why you should vote for them:

Neil Carmichael - Conservative

Gazette Series:

Strong record in education, delivering £30 million investment in Berkeley Green with new University Technology College. I am committed to more investment in schools for fair and sufficient funding.

My experience and networks will enable me to contribute to ensuring Britain gets the best possible deal with the European Union as we negotiate Brexit.

My success in helping to reduce unemployment from around 1500 to under 500 will be a springboard for improving job security and increasing wages and skills availability.

I will deliver more investment in infrastructure, including a powerful campaign to reopen the Stonehouse Bristol Road railway station.

I will continue to fight for improvements in healthcare access, including a focus on vascular disease, more diagnosis equipment and high standards of care for the elderly.

Sarah Lunnon - Green Party

Gazette Series:

A Green vote is a vote to:

Defend our beautiful natural world

Protect your families and those you cherish

Secure a balanced economy that works for all

End austerity and fund efficient public services that provide our security and safety

Have a democratic say on Brexit negotiations via a second referendum.

Glen Gogerly - UK Independence Party

Gazette Series:

I will continue my work with building a partnership with the constabulary and make sure it gets the funding and influx of officers it needs and I will push hard to get the genuine 2% of GDP spent on defence.

I will work hard to join up the NHS and social care and push the Government to put another £6 billion into the NHS and another £1.4 billion into social care every year.

I believe we need a fresh look at the economy and we can save money to fund our promises from; the EU, reduce Foreign aid, scrap HS2, use a different finance model to the Barnett formula. These measures will save us £36 billion per year.

I believe giving pupils a choice in education so I will push to put an academic and vocational system in place that includes a Grammar school into every Town and get the funding formula right.

I will table a motion to introduce a Housing Development Corporation that will build factory built modular affordable houses. By putting more money into people’s pockets we will ease the pressure on families having to rely on food banks and help get the homeless off our streets.

Max Wilkinson - Liberal Democrat

Gazette Series:

A housing market that works

Stopping the Labour and Tory parties implementing a harmful, extreme Brexit

Investing in schools

Saving the NHS and stopping the Tory dementia tax

Saving our environment by promoting renewable energy and clean air

David Drew - Labour & Co-operative

Gazette Series:

To stop education cuts to make sure our schools and other educational facilities are properly funded.

To save the NHS, keeping our local services open and ensuring that acute hospitals are properly funded.

To ensure that our local economy is vibrant bringing good quality jobs to the area.

To maintain our green environment recognising the threat of climate change and facing up to problems such as flooding, animal cruelty and unsustainable developments.

For a local candidate who cares about the Stroud Constituency with a proven record of working hard for the area.