COMMUNITY radio in Thornbury came back with a bang on Saturday with the relaunch of GLOSS FM.

The station, which covers the Thornbury and district area, was reintroduced to the town with a breakfast show triple-headed by seasoned broadcasters Chris Criddle, David Wrench and Glyn Michael.

“I was a bit rusty after all these years,” said Glyn, director of not-for-profit organisation Thornbury Media Community Interest Company.

"But hopefully listeners did not notice the mistakes too much.”

This first show introduced some of the new regular features on the station, including headlines from the Thornbury Gazette, presented by Gazette reporter Aaron Sims.

This milestone marks the completion of the project’s first phase to bring local radio back to Thornbury, with the second phase aiming to secure permanent premises to operate from.

The town’s former station, Thornbury FM, was founded in 2005, before rebranding as GLOSS FM in 2010 as it tried to expand to cover all of South Gloucestershire.

The venture however came to an end a year later after issues with obtaining an FM frequency licence.

It is hoped that the station will soon be able to secure a permanent frequency, phase three in the return to the airwaves, with organisers working with Ofcom to find a suitable frequency, also receiving support from Thornbury and Yate MP Luke Hall.

In the meantime, the station, which is running 24 hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week, will be running from its website, which includes a full running schedule, and information on presenters, travel and events.

For more information, and to tune in, visit