A COUPLE from Thornbury, aged 79 and 77, are set to take on their first half marathon as a duo, aiming to raise £2,000 for charity.

John and Meg Moseley are set to take on the 13.1-mile Bristol Half Marathon next month, having committed to the challenge after a very cold visit to their son in Nebraska, USA last December.

The freezing temperatures meant that if they went outside, they would have to wrap up warm, and it was not long before Meg, 77, suggested they could run some of the distance to keep warm.

As their visit was for several weeks, they were able to build up the distance, until they were running several miles at a time.

Meg later surprised John, 79, who had previously tasted the challenge of long-distance running by taking on the London Marathon in 2002, aged 63, by suggesting they run a half marathon together.

The only similar event the couple had done together was the Bristol 10k, which was back in 2012, but took on the Oldbury Fun Run earlier this year to prepare.

“I got running out of my system a few years ago,” said John, an avid tennis player.

“It never really appealed to me but I wanted to have the experience of running the London Marathon, so that was why I took it up.

“So for Meg to turn around and suggest we do a half marathon was definitely a shock.

“I didn’t think she would go through with it at first, it is the kind of thing you say you’ll do and then don’t, but she has put the miles in and has really made sure she is ready. I am very proud!”

Meg, who has already conquered runs of more than 10 miles in training said that she was looking forward to the event and to the achievement of crossing the finish line.

She said: “Having gone to support John in London, the atmosphere was amazing, and I knew that really pushed him along, so I am looking forward to experiencing that myself.

“We don’t have a target in terms of time. Only to complete it.

“I am motivated and that is what matters. Once I get going, I can keep the pace.”

Through the event, the couple are hoping to fundraise for Christian relief charity Tearfund, having set a target of £2,000 after their original target of £1,000 was smashed within weeks.

At present, the couple have raised almost £1,700.

To sponsor John and Meg, visit www.justgiving.com/fundraising/john-and-meg-s-bristol-half-marathon.