OFFICERS raid home of men suspected of supplying illegal tobacco across Gloucestershire.

Four men were woken from their beds in an early morning swoop on what the county council is calling trading standards biggest ever illegal tobacco raid in the county.

Illegal tobacco worth £26,500 plus an estimated £13,000 in cash was seized from the first flat while a further £12,00 of illegal tobacco and £8,000 cash was seized from a second flat.

Gloucestershire County Council said almost no attempt was made to hide the tobacco, the majority of which was in plain sight in open boxes in the living room areas and bedroom wardrobes.

There was also a further stash of tobacco in the bottom of a sofa, and money hidden inside a cushion of a chair. 

The men were described as being ‘shocked’ upon being woken by the team of trading standards and police officers. One man tried to resist arrest but all four are now helping officers with their enquiries.

Both properties had been under surveillance by trading standards and are believed to be part of a wider network involved in supplying illegal tobacco across Gloucestershire.

Andy Hermiston, head of trading standards said: “We have stepped up our surveillance of illegal tobacco trading in Gloucestershire. This is our biggest seizure so far; we continue to work towards breaking the cycle of organised crime.”

Cllr Nigel Moor, cabinet member for fire, planning and infrastructure said: “Another excellent result for trading standards and colleagues at Gloucestershire police. Illegal tobacco is a serious health risk to consumers, and the county council takes a no-nonsense approach to stamping it out in our county.”

Gloucestershire Stop Smoking Service can be contacted on 0300 421 0040 or at