JACK Lopresti, MP for Filton and Bradley Stoke, is facing investigation after a formal complaint from a former member of staff, the BBC has reported.

The complaint came from the MP’s ex-office manager, who said she resigned due to the Conservative minister’s behaviour.

Leaving her post in March this year, the woman expressed her concerns to the Conservative Party’s new code of conduct hotline and then went on to make a formal complaint against Mr Lopresti.

She told the BBC that Mr Lopresti “failed to treat others with the respect he felt entitled to” and that she and others “often trod on eggshells in fear of an angry outburst”.

She said that, prior to contacting the conduct hotline, she had sought help with HR in Parliament, the whip’s office and via her local Conservative Party chairman, but nothing had been done.

However, in a statement, Mr Lopresti said the allegations come from a group of people who he believes wanted to stop him being reselected before the last general election.

He also added that the claims about his behaviour by his former office manager are “not correct”.