A CHIPPING Sodbury beautician is celebrating 25 years of working within the beauty industry.

And Marie-Louise Coster, who runs All About Mi from her home in Hartley Close, is still as enthusiastic about the business as ever.

“I feel very lucky because I get to do a job I love and so it doesn’t feel like I’m working,” she said.

As well as running her own salon, Marie-Louise is a freelance nail stylist.

The year has already got off to an exciting start for her, as a nail photo shoot she worked on for nail professionals’ magazine, Scratch, has made it on to the January edition’s front cover.

Marie-Louise is well known in the industry and has worked at London Fashion Week for several seasons, where she has painted the nails of many top models.

“I’m the lead manicurist there, and it’s pretty hectic," she said.

"You’ll often find me under a table painting somebody’s toenails, while they’re getting dressed and having their hair done,” she said.

“It’s a really fantastic event to be involved with, and it makes a nice contrast to the calmer surroundings of my salon.”

The 40-year-old mum also teaches the tricks of her trade, both at her salon, and across the the country, and writes for a variety of magazines too.

For Marie-Louise, seeing the effects of her treatments on her clients is one of the things she enjoys the most about her work.

“Life can be quite stressful these days, and sometimes women can feel guilty about taking time out of their busy schedules for themselves.

“We’re all juggling lots of balls and so it’s great to be able to help people relax. “I love it when somebody comes in and you can see a transformation in them from their treatment, either visually or within themselves.

“Also, in my work, I get to know people and become really fond of them. Some people have been coming to me for 20 years, so you get to become part of their lives.

“The idea of All About Mi is to create an “experience”, a haven and a place to escape reality to allow clients to experience well earned ‘Mi Time’ , without being rushed.”

All About Mi offers an extensive range of beauty and holistic treatment, from the more traditional to the newest, most innovative and specialist. For more information, visit allaboutmi.net