EVER wanted to have an Easter egg bigger than all the rest you get combined?

Papilio are giving shoppers the chance to win a monster 8kg egg, made of Belgian chocolate and worth an incredible £150.

Having started selling chocolates in October, the shop, formerly known as Heritage, has found its new products to be very popular with the town, with long queues often being seen in front of the chocolate counter.

“Because Thornbury loves our chocolate so much, our supplier decided to give us this massive egg to do something with,” said Papilio owner Tabi Marsh. “As you can expect, it came as a bit of a surprise when it arrived!”

The colossal egg will be raffled off in support of Thornbury children’s charity Jigsaw, who offer advice and support to families of disabled children, running holiday activities, weekly support groups, a lending library, as well as a wide range of events.

“Jigsaw are a great local charity who are doing fantastic work with kids,” said Papilio owner Tabi Marsh, “and the support they give, not just the kids, but their families is brilliant, so we are more than happy to support them with this competition.”

Tickets are £1, available from Jigsaw and in Papilio, with the draw being carried out on March 29.

“We’re really grateful for the support of Tabi and Papilio,” said Cheryl Jenkinson, chairman of the trustees at Jigsaw.

“It is a great idea for a competition and we are really excited to find out who wins and gets to enjoy this wonderful egg.”