A NEW community library opened in Hawkesbury Upton this week. 

Author Debbie Young, who lives in the village, officially opened the library at a launch event on Friday afternoon.

Debbie, creator of the Sophie Sayers village mysteries, gave an opening speech, in which she noted: "You can get just as much of a buzz walking home with an armful of library books, as with an armful of books you've just bought."

The event was lively and well-attended, with plenty of children enjoying the new service, prompting Debbie to joke: "It's just as well libraries no longer have a silence rule."

Based in the village hall, the new service will open once fortnightly on Friday afternoons, from 2.15pm to 4.15pm, staffed by a group of trained volunteers. 

The South Gloucestershire mobile library service came to an end in September and the new library will provide an opportunity for children, young people and adults to access books easily without having to leave the village.

It will also act as a meeting point, with tea, coffee and cake on sale. 

The library has received start-up funding from South Gloucestershire Council and from other local organisations. 

Book stock is being provided by the South Gloucestershire Library Service (LibrariesWest) and will be replaced at regular intervals. 

Internet access will allow for books to be ordered or reserved.