LORRIES bringing soil to a former landfill site in Yate are leaving surrounding streets in a mess, it has been claimed.

Neighbours living near where clay, subsoil and topsoil are being brought in to improve the land on Beech Hill Farm, are angry about the amount of mud and rocks being spread across Westerleigh Road.

They say they are now concerned that the state of the road is a safety hazard.

Lib Dem councillor for Westerleigh, Claire Young said: "The road is absolutely covered in debris, it's astonishing.

"The road is slippery, with layers of mud, and rocks of up to 10 to 15cm in size, which is a particular problem for cyclists, and pedestrians too."

Pat Cotterell, who lives on Chedworth, just off Westerleigh Road, said: “I slipped over myself, when I was walking my dog.”

She added: “The problem has been with vehicles not being washed down before they leave the building site."

A South Gloucestershire Council spokesperson said: “We have visited the site and spoken with the operations manager regarding the mud left on the nearby road.

"We are working with them to ensure that the road remains safe for all users, and we will continue to monitor the situation.”

A spokesman for Keyway said: "We're cleaning the roads today (Wednesday) and we're continually cleaning and improving the area as we carry out our works in the local vicinity."

Lib Dem councillor for Westerleigh, Claire Young: "It is good to see action being taken to improve the state of the road, though residents remain concerned about working hours and the route being used."

A clean-up took place on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, both with  sweeper vehicles and teams clearing the footpath by hand.

On Wednesday, Keyway announced that the works on the Beech Hill Farm site have been stopped until further notice.