LIVING close to somewhere that produces beer could add 15 per cent to your property’s price tag.

Homes near some of the UK’s biggest breweries were compared, with staggering results.

The average property price in areas with a brewery in the vicinity sits at £432,536, according to the study by property experts at Emoov.

The average price across all the wider areas only amounts to £383,061. This equates to a cool 15 per cent difference.

Those living next to the Navigation Brewery in Nottingham benefit from this phenomenon the most. Their homes are worth 33.6 per cent more than the city’s average of £192,812.

Homes near the Ouseburn Valley Brewery in Newcastle enjoy a price boost of 27.4 per cent. The average property price around the brewery is £253,227, up from the city’s average price of £198,636.

Welsh beer fans who live near Tiny Rebel brewery in Newport get a 26.8 per cent rise over the average home value for the city.

Emoov founder Russell Quirk urged caution when highlighting how easy it is to get a drink nearby when trying to sell your home.

He said: “It may restrict your property’s appeal to a niche group of buyers. When looking to sell a home it’s normal for price expectations to be based on factors external to the property itself.

“A good school, green space, convenient amenities and transport links can all add value, but so to can the close proximity of a brewery it seems.”