A MINI Thornbury knitted from hundreds of metres of wool has gone on display in the town.

“Woolbury” features an incredible 41 buildings from Thornbury High Street and the surrounding area, as well as other features of the town, including Daggs Allotments, St Mary’s Church and the Pump.

The tiny town is the product of a group of friends known as Knit and Knatter, and has gone on display in St Mary Centre in the run up to the Thornbury Arts Festival.

The group’s 23 members put some of the first buildings on show at the same time last year, proving to be a popular feature, with the current display having expanded the town drastically.

Among the buildings included are the Malthouse pub, T&J Owen florists and an incredible model of the Methodist Church.

Being showcased in the windows of the central building in the shopping centre, formerly used by the Mumtaz, the exhibition is ordered so that visitors can follow down one side of the High Street, before reaching The Plain and returning back up the other side.

Knit and Knatter member Eryl Daniels said that “at least two weeks of solid knitting went into each building”, with much more for the more detailed parts of the exhibition.

“Overall, I would think possibly a year’s worth of time has gone into creating Woolbury,” she said.

“It has taken us two seasons to finish it because of the amount of detail that goes into each building, but it has been a really enjoyable experience for all of us – a lot of knitting and a lot of nattering.

“Last year, it caused a lot of interest, quite a stir really and we hope it manages to do the same this year.

“We had a lot of people wanting to buy them, but we chose to retain them and do as many as we could this year.”

Once the display is taken down on April 30, the buildings will go on sale to the highest bidder, with funds raised going towards the Armstrong Hall fund and to Thornbury-based charity Brain Tumour Support.

“We are essentially being estate agents for really tiny properties,” she joked, “We are inviting people to make offers and hopefully everyone will be generous to support two such deserving causes.”

Anyone interested in buying a building or buildings are asked to email eryl.daniels@gmail.com or call 01454 419688 by May 13.