SHOPPERS in Yate were treated to a surprise performance on Saturday as disabled dancers emerged from the crowds to take part in a special flash mob dance.

A group from Paul's Place - a Coalpit Heath based charity which supports adults with physical, sensory and cognitive impairments - gathered in Yate Shopping Centre, turned up the volume and began moving to a mix of funky beats.

Bystanders looked on delighted as Zumba instructors, Jo Blinman and Jodie Horton-Stanley led the group through their paces.

Jo, a double-amputee who qualified as an instructor in December, and completed her Zumba Gold training just last week, said: "It was absolutely phenomenal.

"There was an amazing atmosphere and the vibe was brilliant."

Watch this fantastic video of disabled dancers taking over Yate Shopping Centre with their 'flashmob' dance:

"Even if people were just moving a little bit, that's really important," said Jo.

"We wanted to raise awareness of what you can do as a disabled person to remain active.

"It was also a fundraiser for Paul's Place."

Jo, who lost both of her legs in a house fire in 1993, led the first half hour of dancing in her wheelchair then, while Jodie was leading the second half, she put on her new stubbies and stood up for some of the dances.

Stubbies are short prostheses, or artificial limbs, which allow the wearer to achieve a lower centre of gravity for better balance and stability.

Jo is aiming to build up her core strength so that she'll be able to lead classes wearing her stubbies in the future.

Jodie Horton-Stanley, who led half the session, said: "It was really fun.

"People from Paul's Place and my class, Zumba with Jodie, came together, along with a few random shoppers, to dance and have fun.

"Lots of people stopped by during their shopping trip to whoop and cheer."

Jo took over at the end, and wrapped up the event with some party songs, which were favourites with the Paul's Place clients who have been regularly attendees at her Zumba classes.