WHEN campaigners learned the Cleve Park development had been blocked by South Gloucestershire Council it was a big victory for the little guy.

So for that to suddenly be undone through the appeal process is no doubt a confidence killer to the likes of TRAPP’D who are facing a much bigger dragon to slay in the form of the Buckover Garden Village.

But is the problem, at its heart, down to giving developers so much control in how they appeal? 

Firstly they have the chance to choose their appeal process, invariably opting for the most expensive route in order to scare away any opposition, and if that fails, they will have bigger pockets than the regular campaigner, and funds that don’t bear the responsibility of being publicly financed, unlike the council.

So once again, the fight returns to its original David and Goliath state, but this time with the little guy also being given the low ground.
How long until Thornbury can control its own growth?