THORNBURY’S departing and new mayors have spoken of the honour in taking on the role as the chains have been passed over.

Cllr Helen Harrison, who has served in the role for the past two years, promoting the youth of the town and for the community to be a welcoming place for new people, stood down at the town council’s annual general meeting last Tuesday, making way for two-time mayor Cllr Shirley Holloway to don the cloak and chains for a third time.

“The past two years have been incredible and in some ways I am sad that it has come to an end,” said Cllr Harrison.

“But it is only right that I pass the chains on so that Thornbury has the opportunity to have different people being there, each one bringing their own style to the role.”

Cllr Harrison continued by thanking everyone in the town for allowing her to be mayor, as well as the support of the many community groups in the town, friends and family and all the children who simply said “Hello Mrs Mayor”.

She also paid tribute to the council staff and councillors for supporting her in all the ways she approached this role during her tenure, especially during the times she “did things slightly different in the role”.

“It has been an honour, a privilege and a delight to represent the people of Thornbury,” she said. “To meet so many inspiring and wonderful people and organisations and to serve the town in this way

“And so I step down to let the next mayor step up, she is going to be a good one!”

After the official handover, Cllr Holloway addressed the group, saying it was a “great honour” to take the role and that she was very much looking forward to the forthcoming year.

“I have lived here for 50 years and so I feel a part of Thornbury,” she said. “In this town I have been pleased to appreciate the kindness and friendship the town has to offer."

She continued however to say that she feared life in Thornbury “is under threat”.

She said: “Mass development is not just a nightmare, it is a possibility. I hope that this council will work together to make sure poorly planned development does not happen in this town and I hope that we will urge for the infrastructure that Thornbury needs for its future.

“We must also work together to welcome the new people coming into Thornbury and their new families. Let’s hope they enjoy being part of Thornbury.”