A YATE hairdresser said she has been "overwhelmed" by the response to the announcement of the salon's autism friendly afternoon.

Karizma's Stacey Bagci said the idea was suggested to her after she put a post on Facebook, asking clients what extra services they would like to see at the salon.

"A parent got in touch, saying that sometimes children don't like how busy it is in the salon, and suggested having a quieter session," she said.

After announcing the initiative on Facebook yesterday, Mrs Bagci said the response had been 'phenomenal'.

"We've had so many shares, likes, comments and tags, and have had several booking already," she said.

"It shows there's something missing in the market at the moment."

Mrs Bagci said her salon would be closed to the general public for an hour on Sunday, June 10, from 3.30pm to 4.30pm, and more time will be added if needed.

With no music, dim lighting and quiet voices, she hopes to provide a safe, low-stimulation environment that will put children with autism at ease.

"When people book for this session, we will be asking the age of the client and trying to find out a little bit about them before they come in," she said.

"This enables us to make sure we do what we can to put them at ease.

"For example, one parent said her son likes to lie on the floor, so I've paired him up with a barber who I think would work best with him."

Mrs Bagci added adults with autism would be able to take part in the sessions as well.

Karizma is at 33 North Walk, in Yate Shopping Centre. To book a place at the salon's autism friendly afternoon call 01454 327036.