South Gloucestershire Council has announced new cameras that will help to catch those that abuse bus lanes in the area.

Five new bus lane cameras have been installed and will all be 'active and live' by the end of July.

A spokesman for the council stated that "these enforcement cameras address the abuse of bus lanes and bus gates by unauthorised traffic and will help ensure the reliability of local bus services."

"We have received reports from both bus companies and members of the public that the bus lanes are being abused. Penalty Charge Notices (PCN) will be issued to anyone that infringes the bus lanes and will include a secure web link to a video showing the offence."

The new system will use Automatic Number Plate Recognition to log all traffic which uses these lanes and routes with unauthorised access.

The hope is that this will improve the effectiveness of public transport and also how quickly emergency vehicles can operate in the area.

A Cabinet Member for Communities Cllr Paul Hughes said: “These new cameras will help us tackle the abuse of bus lanes and bus gates by unauthorised vehicles, and also help ensure that buses and emergency vehicles can reach their destination without unnecessary hold-ups.

“We are not trying to catch anyone out, we want the cameras to be easily visible and we have made an effort to ensure that signs and road markings are as clear as possible to motorists. Hopefully motorists will avoid incurring penalties by not driving in lanes reserved for buses.”

If found guilty of driving in a bus lane you will be given a PCN, which could end with you being fined up to £90.

The new enforcement cameras will be located at:

Bradley Stoke Way junction onto A38/Gloucester Road (southbound)

Regent Street, Kingswood

Filton Avenue southbound onto Station Road

Stoke Gifford Bypass northbound (just before Parkway roundabout)

Bradley Stoke Way northbound (before Patchway Brook roundabout).