THORNBURY residents have called for the splash pad at the Munday Playing Fields to be replaced.

A poll conducted on the Spotted in Thornbury Facebook page saw 87 per cent vote to remove and replace the pad as opposed to keeping it.

The 698 residents who voted to replace the splash pad had different ideas of what should take its place.

Many wished to see a return to the paddling pool that was there before the splash pad was built.

Marcia Commons said the Town Council 'need to act'.

"Since the pool was taken we have seen Thornbury park go from being full of people from all over to 30 or 40 on a Saturday afternoon.

"This must have an effect on local shops," she said.

Others wanted to keep the splash pad if the length of time taken for the water to refill could be reduced.

Dan Shelton, of Primrose Drive, said: My kids love it, when it’s working! Currently they would rather play with the sprinkler in the garden as it keeps going longer and doesn’t cut out for 20 minutes at a time.

"We don’t want to see it go just want it to be better."

A spokeswoman for Thornbury Town Council said: "The paddling pool had to be shut down due to its age and significant health and safety concerns. The Playing Fields Committee considers that it is no longer viable to put in a new pool due to health and safety regulations and significant costs required to maintain and staff it.

"The splash pad was installed following consultation with residents that resulted in a 75 per cent majority voting for a splash pad rather than a new pool. The water supply to the pad has experienced intermittent problems which have increased this year possibly due to increased demand for water in the area.

"The Council has noted many of the comments on the Facebook poll request improvement rather than replacement, which is what the investigations seek to do with the water supply.

"We are currently investigating the costs associated but these costs may require us to fundraise to implement them."

The splash pad cost just under £120,000 to build and opened in 2014. The pad was briefly closed earlier this year to deal with an electrical problem.