Rural residents in South Gloucestershire have been frustrated by the county’s high speed broadband rollout.
The village of Bibstone, near Cromhall, is divided by two separate exchanges. 
Half the village has been upgraded, with plans to upgrade more in the council’s third wave this year, but some houses have been left out.
Resident Matt Biggs said: “We have been pressuring the council since phase one to include us and failed.”
Liberal Democrat councillors John O’Neill and Claire Young recently met Bibstone residents. 
Cllr for Charfield ward Mr O’Neill said: “The number of houses in the Charfield area is due to increase dramatically in the coming years. 
“With more people working from home it is important that there is good broadband connectivity, not just for the new communities, but also for the existing residents.
“Residents in Bibstone have been left out. When they contacted BT OpenReach to find out how much it would cost to pay for broadband connection themselves, they were quoted £98,000 for just 44 properties. 
“It appears neighbouring Leyhill Prison is getting a better broadband connection than local residents, due to an overhead fibre line running into the prison. Residents want to know why they cannot also connect from this line.”
A South Gloucestershire Council spokesman said: “The Government has laid out various voucher schemes which residents could take up. 
“There are community funded options which are private agreements between the residents and the supplier.
“Leyhill Prison have commissioned their own private network for security reasons.This commission has nothing to do with the council’s broadband programme and is a private agreement.”
Cllr Rob Creer, cabinet member for corporate resources, will meet with Bibstone residents on August 31.
He said: “We continue to work hard on broadband provision for the whole of South Gloucestershire including rural areas which have been highly patient.”
“This latest phase will see almost all of South Gloucestershire with a superfast connection but we will not stop there and will work towards further provision.”