A PROTEST against the badger cull was held at a Thornbury farm on Saturday.

Organised by the Stop the Cull campaign group, the protest took place at Park Mill Farm, Oldbury Lane.

The farm is home to Derek Garrett, a badger cull director for Avon. 

A post on the Stop the Cull Facebook page said: “A few of us turned up and held up posters and placards in front of his farm so people in his community know who their local badger killer is.

“We don’t expect to have any more bother from Mr Garrett in the future, but if we do hear any stories of bad behaviour from him or any other farmer, we will pay them a visit.”

Police were also in attendance the protest. A spokesman said: “Police became aware of a protest in the Thornbury area and had officers in attendance. 

“It is our duty to help facilitate a person’s right to protest, but officers have the power to search individuals or a vehicle where we believe criminality could take place or is planned. 

“The public expect us to allow people to voice their opinions, but these actions must remain lawful.”

Stop the Cull recently came under criticism for publishing the addresses and phone numbers of farmers leading the cull.

Jay Tiernan, spokesman for the group, said: “It is essential to name farmers as people who want to protect badgers need to know where cull zones are likely to be near them. The directors almost always live inside their culling area.”

This year the cull has been expanded across ten new areas and now covers most of the country.

“The drought is a real concern, badger populations haven’t been accurately recorded and there is  a real concern that whilst trying to hit the minimum targets, local badger populations could be wiped out. This is illegal under the Bern Convention.

“Our group will fight it in the same way we always fight it, help local people to connect with experienced activists to pass on knowledge: knowing how to find badgers, the easiest ways to stop shooters and signs that a sett is about to be targeted,” Jay added.

Mr Garrett has been approached for comment.