A 6-year-old from Wotton-Under-Edge is making waves around the racing circuit.

Jenson Chalk, not to be compared to his F1 driver namesake Jenson Button just yet, is a student at Blue coat School in the area, but has spent the summer and most of the last year competing in the Bambino Karting Club National Championship.

The Bambino Kart Club was originally founded in 2009 by Chesterfield based Scott Parker as a way of allowing young racers track opportunities.

A member of the BKC, Jenson took up racing just one year ago but is making quick progress.

At present he has competed in eight rounds of the Championships, and currently sits in fourth place overall in the standings which includes up to 20 competitors.

He now prepares for the next round of racing at Llandow, near Cardiff where he will be looking to move further up the standings.

During the Championships, Jenson has already competed in Scotland, Northern Ireland and North Wales.

He is sponsored by businesses from the area, His fathers company MCR Specialist cars and Phoenix Manufacturing.

His father Mike Chalk has been very supportive of his racing from his young age and gave us some insight into how his love for the track came about.

“He basically started going karting a year ago at some sessions at Daytona raceway in Milton Keynes and loved it,” he said.

“He got his own kart for Christmas and then we entered the Championship.

“His best round so far was last weekend where his improvement is really showing, a very very proud weekend.”

Mike did admit that he is starting to become more nervous watching his son as Jenson becomes more confident on the track.

“It is becoming more nail biting the better he is getting. He is 10 points of third place even though he is one of the youngest racers.

“He prefers watching banger racing to Formula One, but rather than one idol he likes the colours of the cars!

“So mainly Mclaren and the Ferrari’s because they are Red.

“He is very proud of his go karting and has always wanted to take his medals and trophies into school no matter where he has finished in the race.

“I think the fact he was so close to 3rd last time out has made him a little more competitive going forward in racing though.

Another reason for his love of motorsport might have something to do with Mike’s company.

“My company run a number of events where track cars attend,” he said,

“We also host various track days amongst other events at Castle Combe and sponsor the main Spring Action Day.

“Jenson had attended for a few years and always wanted to have a go on track himself.

“What we are really pleased about is that he now has the chance to race in the Dubai ‘O’ Plate in January.

“That is something we are looking forward to, whilst he has also been entered into a winter BKC series in February at the Campillios Circuit in Southern Spain before continuing in next years championship.”