OVER the summer holidays, a popular business has been busy helping combat child hunger by supporting charities working in Bristol.

Hobbs House Bakery at Chipping Sodbury has been donating surplus loaves to the #ActiveAte project and the Community of Purpose charity, both of which aim to provide food for children who are vulnerable to hunger whilst they were off school, and not receiving a free school meal.

The Bakery donated waste bread to help the Bristol charities in the fight against child hunger: the idea was to target those vulnerable to hunger whilst they were off school and not receiving a free school meal.

The deliveries included 360 loaves going to central Bristol, and 150 loaves to Community of Purpose for their outreach project in South Bristol.

Managing Director of Hobbs House Bakery George Herbert said: “We were delighted to be able to supply surplus bread to such good projects. Both of the charities we have supported are providing a much-needed resource, and we hope to work with them again in the future.”

Hobbs House Bakery’s waste bread procedure is in line with the Real Bread Campaign’s ‘No Loaf Lost’ scheme, which encourages small independent bakeries to reduce the number of surplus loaves they produce, and to help them reuse or redirect any surplus that they have, thus saving money on ingredients, energy and staff time, reducing waste disposal costs, and improving environmental impact.