The Home Secretary's visit to Dursley yesterday afternoon may have broken parliamentary rules of behaviour.

Sajid Javid MP met with local Conservatives - including recently selected parliamentary candidate for Stroud Siobhan Baillie - at the Old Spot, where he pulled a pint behind the bar. 

But Labour's David Drew, the current MP for Stroud, says he was not told about the visit beforehand.

"It is usually courtesy that MPs inform each other if they visit another MP’s constituency," he said in a statement. 

Guidance issued by the Speaker of the House of Common's office tells MPs: "You should notify colleagues whenever ... you intend to visit a colleague's constituency (except on purely private visits)."

Gazette Series:

The Conservatives have been contacted for comment.

Stroud is considered to be a key Conservative target seat, as it has a relatively small Labour majority of 687, according to a party grassroots website ConservativeHome.

However, Dursley will no longer fall in the Stroud constituency at the next general election under proposed boundary changes.

Mr Drew also said: "I would have liked to have been able to meet Mr Javid and talk to him about the impact a 20 per cent cut on Gloucestershire police officers is having here.  

"I hope he enjoyed his visit and was able to see why Dursley is such an important part of the Stroud constituency and should remain so.”