A light hearted look at Brexit, marriage counselling and wanting to move house.

Not so dissimilar as one might think.

THINK of the scenario where we have a couple with two young children who would like to move as they would like some additional features that they lack like an en-suite, further reception room and a larger garden and have decided to place their cottage on the market.

Though they wish to remain within the village where the children attend the local primary school.

Having sourced a buyer they are now struggling to find a suitable property within the village to move to.

They have seen something which ticks some of the boxes though it is not ideal.

What should they do?

Continue to proceed with selling their own cottage, hoping things will work out, sell and look to rent for the short term, though fearful they may get outpriced if property prices continues to rise, accept that they need to compromise and look outside the village or change their mind and decide to stay put as it is uncertain whether a move is right for them within the current economic climate.

This whole process has caused considerable stress which is effecting the marriage as the husband wants to move so desperately though the wife is more cautious.

The extra stress is effected the children who’s schooling has suffered and who get upset by the constant arguing between their parents.

And to add extra scorn, friends of the husband and wife are adding their views, often unwarranted opinions.

Things have become so bad that the wife is now considering walking out and a former girlfriend of the husband has come back onto the scene.

Sounds familiar!

This is basically what we have with Brexit.

The people have decided through a referendum to leave the EU.

The Prime Minister (PM) has endorsed the people’s wishes.

However is now having to compromise to get a deal accepted by Michel Barnier the EU’s chief negotiator as we only have six months left.

Otherwise we have no deal and nobody really knows the consequences of this.

The former Brexit minister David Davis resigned due to the compromises yet the PM is adamant that this is what will happen as if to be stubborn in the light of fresh facts coming to the table which had not been fully considered at the initial voting stage.

In the last week we have seen the governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney stating that if a deal can’t be reached then worst case scenario house prices could drop 33 per cent.

Though some have considered his views more scare mongering and rather negative.

Earlier we have had David Davis resign as Brexit secretary, with others added their opinions like Boris Johnson looking to maybe topple Teresa May.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has now called for a second vote on the referendum and some business leaders are unhappy with uncertainty as this effects the markets and their ability to plan for the future.


The scenarios are both the same.

Both accept that deep down things are a total mess, unhealthy and that something needs to happen.

Turning to the family, when things get too bad the most plausible solution is some form of marriage counselling.

Take a step back, reflect, consider options and if need be decide to put things on hold, or even decide not to move at all as what you have, having gone through the exercise already meets your needs.

Not uncommon as we have had many a sale fall though where vendors have decided to stay put.

Turning to Brexit, perhaps they too require some form of marriage counselling on a mega Government scale, reflection and stepping back.

Just because you decided to leave the EU, it does not mean you have to if having started the exercise you conclude that you can’t find the right deal for you.

We don’t know what the future holds, though I suspect in years to come whatever happens that toppled Politicians will be writing about this whole poorly thought out, and managed decision making processes which we as a family may struggle with just as Governments do likewise despite the wealth of additional resources at their fingertips.

So what do we do?

Knocking sense into each party, maybe that’s the starting point!!

Steven Sawyer

Sawyers estate agents lettings consultant