A 51-year-old man from Chipping Sodbury has just been made 'Children's Entertainer Of The Year' at a competition in Birmingham.

Chris Taylor, Chris P Tee as some may know him, has been in the industry for a number of years. Balancing work with watching his two daughters Molly and Rosie grow up.

Whilst at a convention in Blackpool earlier this year, he was approached and invited to come to the competition in the Midlands.

"I wasn't that keen at first," The Magic Circle member revealed when speaking to the Gazette.

"All through my life I have not been that interested in competitions to be honest. I feel that it is not great for you mentally if you don't win, so I usually don't get involved."

Some may wonder how you find that you want to be an entertainer, but Chris can recall the moment vividly.

"I was around 5-years-old and performed 'I'm Following In My Father's Footsteps' on stage," 'Chris P Tee' continued.

"I got a standing ovation and have loved the limelight ever since.

At the event in Birmingham, he beat off competition from 8 other invited entertainers out of thousands from around the country.

"I do a lot of different things," Chris said when detailing why he believed he won.

"I just think it was a bit of a breath of fresh air to have someone do a lot of stuff.

"I am still a reigning champion of one of the other competitions I have done, I won the Bristol Society of Magic event in 2012 and there hasn't been one since!

The next step from here though is potentially another national title.

Chris is preparing to compete in the Family 'Entertainer Of The Year' competition which is taking place in Blackpool in February.

"It is going to be tough, there a number of heats to make it to the Winter Gardens, but I hope I can do it." Chris said.

"I just want to inspire young children to follow their dream. I am 51 now and am doing what I absolutely love.

"Do what you do, and nothing new and work hard and anything is possible."