A community meeting was held in Old Sodbury Village Hall on Friday to discuss the possibility of a nature reserve being placed in the area.

Just two weeks ago Network Rail, who have been doing large amounts of work to divert the river that runs through the village, contacted South Glos Council to discuss the possibility of developing a woodland area.

The meeting on Friday was just to gauge public opinion in the village towards the proposal.

Members of Sodbury Town and South Glos Council were in attendance, including Chair of STC Cllr Phil Rumney and Cllr Rob Creer.

Richard Wilson, Chairman of the Avon Valley Cotswold Wardens and resident of Chapel Lane, was the chair of the meeting and explained the proposals to the residents.

Mr Wilson also explained that the development of the area could cost a sum in the region of £35,000.

Proposals by Network Rail (NR), originally included a traditional orchard, a hedge-way to shield the view of the train track, funding from NR during and for three years after the development and a woodland area over seven hectares (16-17 acres).

However those plans have now been changed. Network Rail now propose: The land be sold for a nominal fee and the funding of the trees be left to the new owners.

There is now a meeting scheduled for Tuesday, October 9 between Sodbury Town Council and Network Rail to discuss the new proposal.

Sodbury Town Councillor Phil Rumney explained at the meeting on Friday that the village will need to prepare to take on responsibility for the area.

"We should look at setting up a management group," he said.

"This would involve residents that could look after it."

The view was echoed by Cllr Rob Creer, at the meeting in his Sodbury Town Council position.

"I think that setting up a 'Friends of' group, like we did with Chipping Sodbury Library, would be a good idea," he said.

"This could be a group that Sodbury Town Council supports. We know the model works so that could be the way forward.

"I am very supportive, there are some concerns but I think it is a unique opportunity to do something in Old Sodbury.

"It may be possible for Sodbury Town Council to take nominal ownership, but a community group would have responsibility.

Residents of Old Sodbury were overwhelmingly in favour of acquiring the land.

More details on this story will be announced after the meeting on Tuesday evening.