A BIKE maker enjoyed a tour of the town last month, astride a replica of an historic Dursley cycle.

Ed Green, who lives in Norfolk, is pictured here with his two wheeled steed outside Raglan House, the former home of Mikael Pedersen, who brought his famous triangulated bike design to Dursley in 1899.

The Pedersen bicycle was made of small-diameter metal tubing with a unique ‘hammock’ saddle.

From about 1900, production of the bikes began at the Pin Mill in Water Street, Dursley. The cycles were first marketed in 1903, with RA Lister and Co taking over production in 1905.

Ed Green has now started making copies of the original bike and decided to take a pilgrimage to Dursley, to see where it all began.

“My replica aims to make this elegant and interesting bicycle available, in a modern form, to those interested in experiencing the comfort and elegance of the original machine,” he said.

“It was very interesting bringing the bike to Dursley, where the design is obviously accepted.

“I think it must be the only place in Britain where people don’t say ‘what a strange bike’.”

A very early Pedersen bicycle, dating back to 1898 or earlier, can be seen on display in Dursley Heritage Centre.